Now a fertility app, Glow that will pay if you aren’t expectant

In the world of apps there is a fertility app, Glow that will pay if you aren’t expectant – if you don’t get pregnant. It is a new app developed that can keep a watch on the menstrual cycle of a woman apart from providing useful information about the reproductive health.
What’s more, the app will also pay you costly treatment for infertility in case a woman does not get pregnant with the help of the app.
There are two names associated with the development of the app from big web companies. One of them is the co-founder of online money transfer company PayPal Max Levchin, while the other is Mike Huang, a former Google executive.Pregnant
The app is known as Glow and is totally free. It helps women to keep a track of their ovulation data, the menstrual cycle apart from the sexual activity. The data is then sent to the app’s scientists and physicians. They work on the stats provided and help women in finding the all important fertility window.
The CEO Mike Huang said that the application is anonymised as yet. However, if the users put in more data, it will be easier to calculate them better and predict more precisely in the future.
Through this program, a person can choose to pay an amount of $50 per month for the duration of 10 months. 10 months is a standard time a woman takes to conceive. At the end, if the woman is not able to hold baby especially with the help of the app, they will be paid financially to treat the infertility in that woman. The money will be given from the contribution pool.
The CEO of the app said that the company wasn’t an insurance company that would help women in this way. But it was just another way – a creative way to help women overcome infertility hitches.

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