New fiber optic technology can improve internet bandwidth

Scientists have almost achieved a breakthrough where the new fiber optic technology can improve internet bandwidth. The team of scientists is hopeful of enhancing the bandwidth noticeably. They are also hoping to bring down video streaming and the internet congestion.

The expertise revolves around the laser light beams that are of the shape of donuts. They are known as optical vortices or Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM). In this technology, the light turns and twists like a tornado when it keeps moving along the path of the beam rather than moving in a straight line.Fiber
They were known to be pretty unstable in the fibers.

However, a professor from the Boston University, Mr. Siddharth Ramachandran, made an optical fiber, which can easily spread them.

He, along with Alan Willner displayed how it is possible that the beams can remain stable in the optic fibers as well as their prospect to increase the bandwidth on the internet.

Ever since the optic fibers were brought in use it was always assumed that the beams that carry the OAM cannot be stable in the fiber. However, the discovery made by Siddharth Ramachandran and Alan Willner has proved otherwise.

These two scientists were in collaboration with the Tel Aviv University along with a fiber optics business in Denmark, OFS-Fitel. During the experimentation stage, they created OAM fiber that had four modes as against the conventional two.

It could be proved that the data could be sent via 1KM of fiber in as many as 10 colors. That showed that the data was able to be transmitted at a mindboggling speed of 1.6TB/s.

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