Final Cut Pro X 10.3 Update Coming Soon?

The v10.2.3 for the Final Cut Pro X app is officially available. But it seems the 10.3 update has already adverted before the actual release of the version.

Final Cut Pro X Update


Final Cut Pro X is a video editing application. It is specially designed by the Apple team for the Mac users. According to the Apple official site, the trial version of the application is available. The 30-day trial version is available for the Mac users. And the update available is 10.2.3 version of the application. The customers need to enter the Apple official site for downloading. You just need to enter your name and email address to download it for free.

But the trial version getting downloaded is 10.3 instead of the 10.2.3 version. There could be two possibilities. First, that there has been a small mistake by the Apple team. And it’s just a mere error. Or the second, that by mistake the Apple team has leaked the news of the upcoming version of Final Cut Pro X. Chances are likely to be that the next upcoming FCP X version is 10.3.

To download the app, you need to have a Macintosh laptop. The Mac OS should have OS X version 10.10.4 or later installed. 4GB Ram is a must. But if you go for the 4K editing you need to have an 8GB RAM. Along with it, the Mac should have an OpenCL-capable graphics card or intel HD Graphics 3000 or above. You can even check the other requirements from Apple official website.

You can also check the other necessary things you need to know while using the Final Cut Pro X from the website. You can learn about other resources, plug-ins as well as web tutorials and more.

The new version that is 10.3 version of the Final Cut Pro X can lead to more efficient tools. The new version would definitely add up new and great features to the application.

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