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Are you the one interested in having apps – all free of them from the iOS App Store? Well, let us admit it; it is like making a brave attempt of searching an item that virtually doesn’t exist. You are likely to find some apps that are indeed free to use and are also informative an interesting.

However, there are hardly any chances of having something like a jewel. But there is no reason to worry when there are developers who are more than willing to get through the hassles and present something worthy in the real sense.

There are, however, all kinds of news – call it rumors if you want – going on around that Apple will soon be banning such apps that help in finding the free apps. If you take the rumors at face value, then move on and get the apps.



AppZapp is your destination where you can have your collection of test tubes, etc. What you need to look at is the “Now Free” category. You can have interesting apps for any of your favorite platforms like iPad, Mac or iPhone. There is a time-saving measure that allows you to search the apps easily.

There are ratings for the apps that make it easier to find them, share the apps apart from seeing which are the most-liked ones in a certain day. You can also see the ratings for a week or month as well.


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