Finding Article Ideas: Pulling Out Multiple Topics

If you are writing blog posts and are regular at it, at times you will find that finding article ideas is very important for you to continue. Writer’s block is one thing you might have faced and therefore it can be difficult at times to write your next article.

Finding article ideas

So, how do you get about looking for more article ideas? There are multiple answers to this question. And in fact, you can find a number of article topics to write if you do a bit of observation. It is so easy you will find it extremely easy to actually bring it in practical use.

Here’s an illustration for finding article ideas

Let’s suppose you see an accident on a road and writing a blog post on the same is your subject for the article. So what do you do? Write a report on the accident, describe the scene, add general comments and finish it up. Once the article is finished, you start to find another topic to write your next article.Finding article ideas

Finding sub-topics

If you are more active and are able to use some commonsense, you will be able find lots of sub-topics. If you want to write more stuff regarding the same incident that you saw a while back, you will have to find some surrounding issues.

A single word like ‘accident’ can give you loads of subjects to write. But yes, remember that you will have to do some research and spend some time to give quality content to your readers.

The percentage of accidents in that particular city, the percentage of accidents in that state or the country are some of the topics that should naturally come to your mind. If you go on to do a little more research, you will still be able to write more stuff.

‘What’s the mentality of the people who meet with accidents’, ‘how do people keep blaming each other’, ‘what action do the police take after the accidents’, ‘is the rate of accidents going down or not’, ‘what kind of vehicles are generally involved in accidents’ are some of the more in-depth topics that you can liberally write on.

These types of thoughts can even more help you in finding article ideas to write more quality content.

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