First 5G Specification For The Users

First 5G specification is out now and it is definitely exciting for those who have been waiting for the news. After 3G and 4G, now 5G will take the world by storm.

First 5G specification

It has been a long wait for sure but the wait has been worth it. When 3G was released, people got excited and then came 4G that made people used to the speed. Human wants never die and with more speed developed more greed for an even faster internet speed. 5G is the answer to the hunger. It is believed that soon it will be released; however big giants are targeting 2019 for the official release. It is said that most of the network providers have promised 4G but the speed is not even equivalent to 3G. This is true for almost every customer.

For people to have trust this time with 5G, the specs have been hinted and they are truly breathtaking. Are you excited to know about the upcoming 5G?

Specs of 5G

  • Low-frequency 5G will be available at 600Mhz to 700 Mhz
  • Medium frequency 5G will be available at 3.5Ghz
  • The highest frequency 5G will be provided at 50Ghz

AT&T is one among the various giants working on the development of 5G services that will be a complete substitution for 4G LTE. Other companies involved in the launch of 5G are Telefonica, MediaTek, T-Mobile and Verizon. Expecting the launch by 2019 or at the latest by 2020 won’t be too much. The time has finally come to adieu goodbye to 4G. Hope the network providers live up to the promises of providing 5G speed. The fear will be lingering on to everyone’s mind as the promise is yet to be kept by many for 4G.



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