First Name on Google Bar to be Removed Shortly

First name on Google bar will vanish shortly as the tech giant is taking steps to implement the new feature. And by the way, it is only a minor visual tweak.

First Name on Google Bar

Have you noticed any change in the first name on Google bar? If not, you will notice it very soon although it is a very minor change. You might have seen that the various Google apps you use like Google calendar, Google+, Gmail and many others, have removed the first name on Google bar, which used to be there. It was positioned beside the app launcher on the upper right hand corner. If you have loaded these web apps today you will observe that the name is not there.

We must however, tell you that the process of removing the first name on Google bar is under process. So, you may not immediately see it removed as it is being rolled out in phases.


However, the first name on Google bar had an advantage. It showed the current account you are using. The removal of the name made it easier to differentiate between a work account and a personal account containing the same first name. Your profile picture will be displayed as it used to be and the image will help you identify the profile that is loaded. The first name on Google bar is not used anymore because it is not needed. Those who do not have a profile picture, by default there will be a picture loaded with your first initial. There is as such no change but the bar seems to be cleaner now.

Be ready to observe the change. You will find no change in the accessibility, though. The way you open your account will all remain intact. Anyway, have you gotten the change yet? Inform yes with your comments below.


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