Fitbit – your fitness friend in losing weight

Losing weight has become the priority for many people around the world today. Fitbit is one such fitness app that will certainly help you in keeping a watch on your fitness regime and also help you shed off those extra pounds.

You can get this app from the App Store, which is totally free to download. This app helps you keep a track of how much distance you have walked. So, if you are a regular walker or are walking for losing your weight, this app will help you in more ways than one.

It makes use of the motion co-processor from your iPhone 5S and that makes tracking all the easier. Now, when you walk some distance you know that you have burnt some calories. But, how much is that ‘some’ worth? Well, the app does also keep a track of how much calories you have burnt.

Just walking and burning calories won’t help. You must also know what kind of diet you take and how much rest – sleep – you must take. The app does everything for you. And yes, this app also has a social side to it.

You can add your friends from Facebook and have a sort of competition with them. Well, it will surely be a constructive competition that way. There is also space for leader boards so the competition can be certainly be a fierce one.

Go, get your app from the App Store and start monitoring your health routine to keep yourself in shape.

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