Five Best Business Smartphones 2014 You Must Have

Today, everyone is looking for best business Smartphones 2014 for their businesses to grow. Indeed, Smartphones have become an integral part of one’s business.

Once there was a time when there was only one name that comes to mind when someone refers to business Smartphones – Blackberry. But the things have gradually changed. Blackberry has already been taken over by Apple, Samsung, Nokia and HTC. In this post we will discuss best business Smartphones 2014 for business users.

HTC One M8

Premium styling and full metal body put this phone up in the line of iPhone 5S. The full HD, 5 inch display, a powerful quad core processor and 2GB RAM makes sure you are never out of game. The phone comes with Android Kit Kat OS heavily skinned with HTC’s Sense 6 overlay. M8 is also HTCPro certified that means an additional encryption and device management tool has been added particularly for the corporate customers. With all these amazing features this phone certainly makes its way to our best business Smartphones 2014 list.

HTC One M8, Best business Smartphones 2014

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iPhone 5S

A list of best business Smartphones 2014 can be incomplete if iPhone doesn’t features in it. More and more business people are turning towards Apple. Apple produces gorgeous and powerful device but it also comes with a huge price tag.

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iPhone 5S the latest from the Apple lineup has already gathered a lot of head towards itself. Apple offers wide range of enterprise services with iPhone 5S like SSL VPN support and data protection APIs this enable 3rd party app makers to produce fully secure solutions for the device with all these features iPhones are certainly one of the best Smartphones for business use.

iPhone 5S, Best business Smartphones 2014
Image: FinancialExpress

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The features like fingerprint scanner add another set of security to your sensitive data. There are thousands of business centric app present in the App store to cater all your needs. More than that Apple also has its own set of business software.

The automated personal voice assistant Siri is another feature that adds to long lasting list of services offered by Apple.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Working on the smartphones can be problematic due the limited screen size but the manufacturers have solved this problem by coming up with larger devices. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with 5.7 inches full HD display and its own S-Pen stylus.Best business Smartphones 2014

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Note 3 also allow you to edit documents, emails and many other things using stylus. It also allows multitasking that means you can easily switch from one app to another without closing the first app. It also allows you to run two apps side by side on the screen, so you can easily look at the latest financial status of the market and at the same time you can send an email to a client. This really is a tough contender for best business Smartphones 2014.

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Nokia Lumia 1520

With 6 inch display, Lumia 1520 comes with the biggest and highest resolution display than any windows phone available. The phone is powered by 2.2 GHz Quad Core processor, which also makes it one of the most powerful kid in the block and in our best business Smartphones 2014 list.

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Microsoft’s office allows you to sync wirelessly with the cloud, thus allowing you to move work easily between phone and PC. The interface is really intuitive and is easy to use. Size and weight is an issue but with the features it offers, this device is defiantly worth a shot. If you are a Windows fan then this Smartphone will certainly inspire you from our list of best business Smartphones 2014.

Google Nexus 5

If you are looking for best feature to price ratios then you are probably looking for Nexus. The phone is powered by impressive 2.3 GHz quad core processor and comes with 4.95 inches full HD screen wrapped with the latest version of Android OS. The bigger screen makes task easier and help it to stand among Best business Phones. A number of apps are available at the Play store that can allow you to utilise full potential of this device for your business and work.

Best business Smartphones 2014

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These are one of the best business Smartphones 2014 available in the market.

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