Five Things Blogging Taught Me in My Life

You are a learner for your entire life and I guess blogging taught me many things in my life since I started to blog. It was back in 2008 when I started a blog on Bollywood. When I look back on those seven years, I find I have really moved on since then. I am sure blogging and writing are those two things that change the perspective of looking at things.

What Blogging Taught Me

The way one looks at life can easily see a change through writing and I am very confident of that. Here are those top five things that blogging has taught me.

Learnt To Move On

Yes, that’s one of the foremost lessons blogging taught me and that has helped me in other walks of life too. There are times when one experiences things for the first time in life. I too have had experiences – for the first times – regarding my blogging journey. I wrote ghost articles, I was hired for writing on specific niches and so on.

Things were pretty great at those times. However, time does not permit me now to devote or go back to the same good old days. But, since there were other engagements to look after, I had to move on in life. Initially, it was difficult to deal with new things, but blogging taught me that life has to move on.

blogging taught me

Learnt To Leave Things Behind

Now, you would think, learning to move on in life is the same as leaving things behind, right? But, this is what blogging taught me that there’s a huge difference between these two things. When you move on in life, you don’t necessarily forget things from the past. But, blogging really teaches you this thing too.

Another thing to learn about leaving things behind is not to allow the past things to get the better of you. This thing did happen with me initially when I discontinued work from my very first client. It was very hard time to move forward when we weren’t in touch.

However, he explained me that what we do is business and such things – meeting new people and moving away from them are a part of business.

Learnt To Be Patient

Blogging taught me there aren’t quick results, be it getting blog readers let alone earning from your blog. If you have to go with white hat techniques and make your blog a serious business in the real sense, you have to be patient. There are no shortcuts and there is no substitute to hard work.

Blogging taught me to work hard and work smart. I still recall the initial phase of my blogging days. That was around seven years ago. In between, I worked with lots of people, got good and bad experiences, sweet and sour memories. All those things are helping me today to overcome any negative developments.

Learnt To Spend Buck to Earn Some

Another important thing that blogging taught me was spending money. Now, do not take it otherwise. What I mean is, if you need and wish to earn money from blogging, there is no way but to spend a few bucks and that too upfront. You may really not need to spend anything if only you have the necessary technical knowledge.

How many of us really know web and graphics designing, how many of us are really SEO experts, how many of us can really work 48 – yes 48 – hours a day? Themes, SEO, social networking and writing, etc. all these things need manpower. And if you don’t have manpower, moneypower can help.

Learnt To Read

Blogging taught me to read, that’s right. Are you a blogger? It means, you write, right? But for a ‘writer’ you must first be a ‘reader’. There is no option to reading. This is a very vital thing I learnt as a blogger and that’s why mentioning it finally. You must spend at least one hour, by the way that’s not too much, each on a daily basis.

Consider reading as a part of blogging. And remember, reading should precede your writing. It not only gives you fresh topics to write on, but also allows you mentioning about the latest developments in case you need to.


These are just the five very very basic things that blogging taught me. Blogging and writing, both bring about tremendous change in you. There are many experienced and elderly bloggers than me around. They will certainly know the difference.

And what about you? Please let me know what you thing about blogging and what blogging has taught you.

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