Flappy Bird has finally stopped flapping

One of the most downloaded free mobile gaming apps on Android and iOS – the Flappy Bird will no more be flapping. The developer of the game has decided to get the game out of the online stores. Without doubt the millions of fans of the game aren’t too pleased with these developments.

The credit for developing this addictive game goes to developer Dong Nguyen, who comes from Vietnam. It won’t be exaggeration to term this small little chirpy game as a mega game that drew the attention on the online stores of millions of fans from around the globe.Flappy Bird

The free to download game was developed last year and it was also available to download until yesterday. The game received hundreds of thousands of download and people spent innumerable hours of gaming with the Flappy Bird.

The game was at the top of the charts in various marketplaces online and success followed the game in a short period of time. If the reports are anything to go by, Dong Nguyen along with the team of his developers was earning something in the region of $50,000 a day just through ad revenue.

Dong Nguyen had already informed everyone that he will be taking the game off the online stores. And he kept his word and the game now has been removed from both App Store and Google Play.

What’s the hope to get the game back once again? Well, many people have reportedly uploaded Flappy Bird game on various cloud services just to save it, just in case.

3 thoughts on “Flappy Bird has finally stopped flapping

  1. Vietnamese game developer Dong Nguyen created the game, and it was then published by GEARS
    Studios, a small game developer also out of Vietnam.
    t’s merly s hoever owns the game didn’t ant the
    customers to get overly addicted t te game. You
    can browse the charts on your device or in the i – Tunes program.


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