Foldable OLED Displays LG; Mass Production to Start 2018

An association between LG Display with Google, Apple, and Microsoft will be producing foldable OLED displays. With the confirmation report, we now know that mass production will start from 2018.

Foldable OLED Displays


Earlier, we saw some reports about the foldable OLED display panel like the agreement between Apple and Samsung over OLED display. It is already predicted that LG display will face Samsung display in the segment of foldable displays. Samsung display has associated with Samsung Electronics’ Wireless Business Department for introducing foldable devices. However, with the affirmation, we come to know that the production is scheduled to begin from 2018 and then later the company will deliver its product to Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

The Korea-based giant has already made a prototype of the out-foldable display. Also, there is a noise of high technical level in this prototype. Though the company has associated with outside businesses, and some leaks say that LG has built the major parts of this prototype.

Though LG didn’t make much noise about its foldable OLED displays before and the considered reason is the bad performance of its smartphone category. So for foldable devices, it has stretched its leg towards outside businesses. And some rumors are there that suggests it lately met with a group of buyers for foldable phones.

However, on the trail, we also heard that Apple will compete against Samsung on the basis of foldable smartphone devices. It is said to bring flexible OLED based iPhones in the next year. Google and Microsoft are not yet in the series, but as with the growing competitive world, it’s essential for a business to stay in the latest segments. Otherwise, it would not be able to sustain.

When asked about the partnership with outside companies, a representative for LG Display said that the company cannot reveal any information regarding its customers.

As LG is comparatively new in the Foldable OLED displays field so, there could be some issues with the mass production of the devices. Though, it’s too early to comment on this matter.

We hope to see a foldable mobile or tablet from LG as well. And it would be interesting to witness the different ways taken by various companies to solidify their feet in the new segment.


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