Four iOS 8 Features You Need to Know

Four iOS 8 Features You Need to Know

In my previous article, I had talked some iOS 8 features. Now, it is time to have a look at some other features, which are important to get acquainted to.

iOS 8 feature: Widgets

What’s more entertaining to know that iOS 8 now has widgets? In the Notification Center, users can add widgets. This helps in allowing the users to have a look at the info by just throwing a glance.

Apple has brought out Extensions for apps and the widgets are just a part of it. This also makes it feasible for the users to share data between them. So, did your mind move towards Intents System from Android? If yes, then you are on the right track.

This also allows the users to share stuff from one app to another. Even third-party apps can be used liberally.

iOS 8 feature: iMessage

The best part of the iMessage is that it allows you sending voice messages. According to Apple, the message is the heavily used app on the iOS and therefore, a lot of stress has been given on this feature. And probably that is what pushed Apple towards having more feature-oriented message app.

Users will also be able to name the message threads apart from entering or exiting it. It’s totally the users’ call. Aside from audio messages, users can also send video messages, which can self-destruct – much like the Snap feature.

iOS 8 Features

iOS 8 feature: Keyboard and Switcher menu

Typing has become easier with the Keyboard and Switcher menu feature. The stock keyboard is able to predict which word you are going type next. The SwiftKey feature also has an app, which makes using the keyboard a breeze.

iOS 8 feature: Metal technology

The metal graphics system is the introduction from Apple in this latest iOS version. This technology is efficient enough for 3D detailed graphics. During the WWDC, the US-based company also gave a demonstration of the Zen Garden game. This game has been built with the help of the Metal technology.

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