After France Google now in trouble in Spain

After France came down strongly against the mega search engine, Google finds itself in trouble in Spain. It was just only hours after the French Government gave an ultimatum to Google to set right its privacy policies. It has been given a period of three months for the same.
Proceedings of sanctions were launched by Spain against Google. The reason was the supposed breach of data protection, much like what had happened with France just a while back.
The Spanish Data Protection Agency believes that it has proof of at least five serious breaches of the privacy laws. Each of the breach is liable 300,000 Euros, which amounts to at least $395,000.
The agency has also evidence of a trivial violation. However, that is also punishable and can draw a fine of up to 40,000 Euros. The SDPA took the steps after it was investigating the policies by Google that they brought out in 2012. The policies introduced by Google permits it to keep an eye on the activities of their users on Gmail, the search engine, Google+, etc.
The policies make it feasible for Google to analyze the data so that it can come to conclusion about the trends in the users. That will help Google in bringing in targeted ads for the audience so that the revenue of the company can be pushed up.
According to Spain, Google Spain would possibly use the data for other purposes that are available with them. It further said that Google doesn’t give out information regarding how the data will be used. A couple of breaches were found to be:
Disproportionate use of private data
Diverting private data for other uses
It was last year in October as well when Google was warned by the European Union that the company’s data protection practices were not complying with the European Union directives. A deadline of four months was given to Google to make the necessary changes.

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