Fraudulent Apps on Play Store to be Monitored by Google

Google is now rolling out a new update to detect fraudulent apps on Play Store. The improved spam detection will trigger on the fake downloads, fraud reviews, and more.

Fraudulent Apps on Play Store


You have probably noticed that there are some apps in the Play Store that contain various fake reviews. Or sometimes an app shows us many suspicious installations. You may have also encountered certain malicious apps that show incentive-based ratings as well.

Now Google wants to take a close look at these apps in the Play Store. It says that these deeds could play as an obstruction for Google Play Store to work properly. They also hamper its recommendation system and eventually it would affect the end user’s experience.

So to resist these fraudulent apps on Play Store, Google has improved its system to filter those apps. The all new improved spam detection system will filter the malicious apps that are using all these measures for performing promotions.

The giant further opines that it will give a warning to the developers by flagging the apps. But, if they continually perform these promotional techniques then it will be flagged for removal from Play Store.

Some more fraud activities can be watched out on the internet that shows job vacancy on websites, just for an example: Amazon Mechanical Turk. These posted ads ask the users to install an app and later ask them to rate the app. This is a kind of fake activity, which resists the websites not performing frauds or performing a lower level of promotions, to become visible to the search engines.

Google says that most developers don’t need to think much about this new filter. But everyone should be aware of the details and to take help of a third-party agency for marketing will always be admired.

Google Play Store is an Android marketplace, which enables a user to download apps and games from its large bucket. It is definitely a secured place that ensures security to the users for their downloaded apps and games.

Do you think that this step from Google will help the ultimate users? Let’s know your view about the fraudulent apps on Play Store.


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