Free Basics to Enter the US; Might Get Controversial

Facebook is all set to connect the people of U.S. with ‘Free Basics’. The company is involved in talking to The White House to bring Free internet to the US!

Free Basics to Enter the US?


The Facebook team has always come up with ideas and steps to connect people all over the world. This time, the company is all set to convince the officials of the White House and the wireless carrier companies to let an American version of the app. But, what is so controversial about this? Many of us must be aware of the same purpose app that was launched in India. The app did not work well, it got banned. The whole idea of Free Basics got backfired with the net neutrality thing, that told you how long your internet’s life is.

Facebook is busy trying to figure out, the firm path to showcase its target – the target of Free Basics. It might get successful, it might turn out to be a flop. The company is working its best so bring Free internet in the United Stated without provoking the regulatory scrutiny. Like it happened, earlier this year, with an alike version of the app in India. It would mark a major victory if Facebook is able to bring Free Basics in the US without any further obstacles.

Facebook aspires to connect millions of people more to the web, together and to its own platform. This could only be possible through Free internet reaching the rural, back-dated areas and  people who have less income not afford data. Facebook’s Free Basics idea is to target low-income and rural natives of America.  The people who cannot afford secure, reliable and with a high-speed Internet at home, workplace or even on their smartphones.

But, the question is how does it work? The Facebook app does not pay for its users, directly for their usage of mobile data. It rather allows users to bridge their data plans.  It can happen by offering, in partnership with wireless carriers, free Internet access to resources. Resources such as job pilots or online news. Free Basics can turn out to be a boon for low-income people, who cannot access the internet. They can search jobs, apply for them and as well as get updated with the current new revolving all over the nation!

Facebook hasn’t yet determined the exact features of the app. The idea of bringing Free Basics to the US has divided the nation into two parts. First, the people speaking for the idea. According to them, Free internet is an opportunity for the rural area public. This is a chance for them to connect with the rest of the world! On the other side, there are those who are against the idea of Free internet.

Zero-rating has always been a debate topic. Zero-rating or Free internet, sounds amazing at first. But, the most interesting part is, is it a boon for customers or a net neutrality nightmare? Zero-rating clearly means Free internet that is the service providers do not charge the end users for the data they’ve used for a particular application. Everyone likes data, especially when it’s free. But, why has Zero-rating been a topic to discuss internally as well as externally? Mark Zuckerburg has always spoken for the notion. According to Zuckerburg, everyone deserves the access to the internet for a better future. It gives the everyone the access to jobs, knowledge and more! He is definitely on, in bringing the positive version of Zero-rating.

Facebook is trying its best to influence numerous service providers, to support Free Basics. The idea of Free Basics is already available in 49 countries. The Facebook team has also spread the idea to White House. The idea of Free Basics and their importance among the people of rural areas.

The company is taking all measures before officially launching the Free basic’s app, to avoid the controversy that happened in India. Facebook is taking its time in getting the green signal from every official in the White House as well as from the service providers. The company is in no mood to face the costly experience it faced in India.

According to Susan Crawford

“Zero-rating is pernicious, unfair and unnecessary, Permitting the practice would simply enable the game playing of companies who have a strong interest in maintaining the status quo.”

It can be clearly determined that, Susan Crawford id definitely against the coming of Zero-rating in the US.

FCC officials conducted a meeting, earlier in this year with the service providers including Comcast, T-Mobile, and Verizon. The meeting was held in regard to the issue. Tom Wheeler, who is the agency’s Chairperson said to the reporters that he is still “trying to make sure we understand” the exact and complete conclusion. He also said, “Things move at the pace that is appropriate, I think we’re doing a good job.”

Facebook has not yet tried to buffet its deal with national wireless carriers, which include T-Mobile or AT&T. Instead, it has signed relationships with lesser-known and popular wireless carriers. A telecom analyst Moffet said:

“There’s a bigger question of opening a Pandora’s box. You’d have to be concerned that Facebook might ultimately usurp the customer relationship and, at renewal time, demand to be paid rather than just carried [by the wireless company].”

Income or cost is a significant factor that directly or indirectly hampers the accessibility of internet among the maximum number of people.  According to a study at Pew Research Centre, only 15% people have alternatives other than a smartphone for accessing the Internet. There are 48 percent people relying on their smartphones to access the internet. But according to the report, they have reported to suspend or pause their wireless connectivity to the internet. The reason being money, as they cannot afford.

The free internet might seem to be a wastage of time of some people, but for some, it can be the only path for their financial support. Free Basics is an excellent way to help the people and their unemployment in the rural areas. Free Basics not only will help the people seek the job but also it can become a medium for knowledge and news update for people who have no access to the rest of the nation. The Internet is a major part of the development of any nation. And providing Free Basics can undoubtedly lead to the development of the people of that nation.

Wireless service providers on collaborating with Facebook can also avail great benefits from the Free Basics idea. Free Basics update undoubtedly lead to the increase of customers for the wireless service provider companies. These companies had never thought of providing its services to the rural areas. Facebook has taken an initiative to connect millions of the rest of the people through Free Basics, even from the rural areas. These people by the help of Free internet and with the collaboration of wireless service providers can become a part of the internet world! The world where a developed country would have developed people, even from the rural areas.

Tell us how did you like the initiative taken by the Facebook. And will it able to host its idea of Free Basics successfully in the US. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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