Free Browsing Datawind Tablets Available for One Year

The free browsing Datawind tablets have been made available for one year. Datawind, who are the makers of the indigenous Aakash tablet, announced this on Thursday. The tablets in question are Datawind UbiSlate 7Cz and UbiSlate 3G7.

Datawind has said that a chunk of the amount of Rs. 168 crores would be invested for expanding the reach of the devices in India. The amount was raised through IPO (Initial Public Offer).

Free Browsing Datawind Tablets

Suneet Singh Tuli, who is the CEO at Datawind, spoke about the investment and the funding.

“The majority of it will be invested in India;…it will be over the period of next six months, the funding is here- it is just how fast we can go in.”

He also pointed out that some part of the funding will also be used in the city of Amritsar along with other parts of the country.

Plans for the Aakash Tablets

The plans for expanding these free browsing Datawind tablets are healthy. The company is in touch with some state governments in India. The company also wants to reproduce the same for other states in the country along with the research. The research will need some funding and the company is looking at that option as well.

free browsing Datawind tabletsThe CEO also pointed out that they are going to fund such researches that allow getting breakthroughs through which low cost devices like the Aakash tablets can be produced.

On Thursday, the company made an announcement that they will be partnering UniverCell for marketing the UbiSlate tabs. This is where the company announced that they would make available these free browsing Datawind tablets for a period of one year – 12 months.

The price of UbiSlate 7Cz tablet is Rs. 5,999 and the price of the UbiSlate 3G7 is Rs. 6,999. The free browsing Datawind tablets will offer the free of charge browsing in partnership with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (BSNL).

Availability of Datawind Products

The Datawind products, so far were available through e-com channels and home shopping through TVs. These were the restrictions on the sales and the company was potentially missing out on consumers. However, now the company has brought the tablet PCs through 500+ retail outlets. Almost all of them are in south India. This will help in increasing the sales as the devices are now available off-the-shelf.

In the meantime BSNL has said that they will offer bundled internet access to the free browsing Datawind tablets.

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