Free International Calls from Google Hangouts for a Minute

Google has introduced free international calls from Google Hangouts. The new calling system allows you to make international calls for just a minute. No doubt, this is a novel way to attract more and more customers.

Free International Calls

The free voice calling facility is likely to give Google more new customers. The calls will be totally free and won’t be charged a penny provided it is less than 60 seconds. Skype also allows you to call internationally. So, the introduction of free international calls from Google will have some competition upfront.

Services Available

As this is just a new service introduced by Google, do not expect it to be active in the entire world. The service will include countries like the United Kingdom, Japan and Australia. In all, there are more than two dozen locations globally that can benefit from the service.



India is also one of the locations where the service will be available.

What You Need To Do To Avail of the Service

If you are interested in activating the Google Hangouts service, you should be aware of some things. The first thing is that you must have some credits in your Google account. You can then place calls via only Hangouts Mobile app. Moreover, you can place just one call at a time. If there are several connections, there will obviously a charge but for one.

“First Minute Free”

Google will show you this message – First Minute Free, while calling. This should be interpreted like you are in the promo. On the other hand, if there is no such message, you are going to be charged for that particular call during the session.

The precaution taken by Google is that they may charge the free international calls so that the system is not abused. This is to make sure that there aren’t numerous free calls in a single day.

Calls In US and Canada

However, there is totally free voice calling and it is understood that the free international calls are to the US. Also a lot of part of Canada is also covered in this location. The promo from Google will be valid for this year only.

The first minute of your call to any of these 25 locations is free. And it needs no mention that as soon as you cross this limit the free international calls won’t be free.

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