5 Free Music Players That You Might Haven’t Heard Of

There are free music players that are available on the internet for your desktop and mobiles. This article is covering some new free music players that you might haven’t heard of before.

Free Music Players

Do you love listening to music and always find free music players? Which platform or device you use to listen music. Do you there are various music players available for your desktop, tablet or mobiles? We are sure you must have downloaded some of them on your devices. In this article, we have collected some free music players too, but the ones that you might haven’t heard of or never used.

So, without wasting any time further, have a look at some of the free music players that are new in the world of music industry.

1. Voltra (Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux)

This is an apt free music players for audiophiles who prefer simple yet intricate user interface. The smooth finishing, simple, monochrome design is sleek and charismatic, and the mobile and desktop apps are quite handy and effective.

Supporting all audio file formats, Voltra allows the user to add and shuffle playlists, categorize and browse through artists and albums, and build media library. Voltra comes with an additional streaming device as well, which offers an account holder one free streaming. Streaming a track for the second time and after would require a Voltra account holder to pay and the track can be owned for unlimited play after the tenth streaming.

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Get Voltra here

2. Cymbal (Android, iOS, Chrome)

Finding people with a similar taste in music and sharing music you like with them and listening to your favourite people’s recommendations are pure bliss! Keeping this in mind, the Cymbal free music player is built on the ground of having access to more music as per your tastes. You can also check our list of best free Android radio apps

The Cymbal app acts like a social network for music lovers, where you let people know of some track you are currently hooked onto and also see what others are listening to. You get to discover a lot of new music that is otherwise lesser known. Cymbal creates a profile for yourself based on what you like to hear and suggests your profiles with similar preferences like yours. You can thereafter follow them and come across their suggestions and simply tap on a track to start playing it on SoundCloud, Apple music or Spotify. It is a great app that lets you discover new music and catch up with missed out hits.

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Get Cymbal here

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3. Harmony (Windows, Linux, macOS)

The Harmony is a sleek and intuitive music application which serves as the best alternative to the age old iTunes. This is one of the best free music players which is ideal and good for people who are used to the interface and layout of iTunes, but are tired of using this bloated piece of resource hogging software that is anything but fast.

Though it works with music stored in your computer, by installing the relevant plug-ins, one can easily play music from the music streaming services like YouTube, Spotify, Reddit, Google Play Music, Deezer, SoundCloud, and many more. You just need to install the plugins and log in to your streaming accounts to access it all in one place.

This app is also known to show responsiveness or appear in whatever size you choose it to come on screen.

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Get Harmony here

4. PlexAMP (Windows, macOS)

The cloud media server, Plex, introduced a music player app inspired by Winamp, known as the Plexamp. Plexamp runs on macOS and Windows and promotes playback visualizer like the Windows Media Player and other old media players.

Plexamp includes certain sharp features like organizing playback from tracks on albums, and allowing seamless transitions between tracks. It supports all common music formats. Some latest radio features have also been introduced to allow the user to shuffle through and play tracks from a massive music library. It is much faster, smoother, and more customizable with a neat user interface and a modernized approach made towards the old Windows Media Player and is ideal for audiophiles who are accustomed to using it.

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Get PlexAMP here 

5. Reddit Music Player (Web, Mobile web)

The Reddit Music Player brings under one roof all the subreddits that deal with music recommendations and suggestions for every thinkable genres and sub genres, all ready to be played on a desktop or mobile browser.

The subreddits usually cover every genre and sub-genre one can probably think of or provide. You can apply Filter as per your preference while looking out for trending, top tracks on a certain day or time, and chartbusters and it will help you narrow down your search making it much more convenient. In order to vote, comment on the track you are currently listening to, or recommend a track, all you need to do is sign in with your Reddit account and keep playing on, as you need not leave the Reddit Music Player interface.

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Get Reddit Music Player here

These are some of the new free music players that we think you might know about. Did you hear these free music players before? If yes, do let us know which one of these free music players you have heard.

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