Top 6 Free Windows Apps for Designers

Can’t afford premium designing software? Want to brush up your designing skills without paying a penny? If yes, check out our list of free Windows apps for designers that will help you to become a better designer.

Free Windows Apps for Designers

Although designing may be a passion for many, most of us can’t afford an expensive Windows apps for designers to show off our talent. With the increasing number of websites, graphic designers are in high demand and all of them required powerful tools to put out brilliant contents. Good for us, there are a host of free Windows apps for designers  with powerful features that makes the most impossible tasks easier to achieve in no time.

In this article, we will be sharing some of the most popular free Windows apps for designers you would like to use in your designing work.

1. SVG-Edit

This is a Scalable Vector Graphics editor which uses the XML to detail out the shapes required. The modern browsers are capable of displaying SVG just as well as PNG and GIF files, hence SVG-Edit becomes one of the most sought-after free Windows apps for designers. It is built on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript which allows you to use the app with ease without having to go through any server processing. It allows you to download code and modify the same apart from just allowing to create files from scratch or edit them.

free windows apps for designers

2. Daz Studio

3D is big these days and we see a heavy inclination of designers towards 3D designing. Daz Studio is one of those fantastic apps which allows you to create and edit in 3D and it comes for free. It allows the users to use customization, animation and posing tools to create beautiful graphics. Daz Studio is extremely easy to use and all you have to do is select your model or subject, set up the light you need and you can begin working on the graphics with the necessary tools.


GIMP is one of the best free Windows apps for designers. The offerings of GIMP are almost equal to that of Photoshop with a different interface. However, the difference is so subtle that you will barely realize the transition and hence it makes easier to switch from Photoshop to GIMP. GIMP has all the assortments of tool that Photoshop has and in addition to that, it also includes tools for color correction, cloning, enhancement, paint tools and much more. The output of GIMP is very compatible and hence can be utilized in almost any and every platform.

free windows apps for designers


Creating infographics had never been so easy as with is one of the easiest to use software when it comes to creating graphics, but you might just face some rough edges when working with it for the first time. All you need to do is select the preferable theme, select the objects that you want to put in it, select the preferred text that has to be put into it and your infographics will be produced, it is as simple as that. The result of the infographics created by is comprehensive and professional looking.

5. Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is one of the most widely available browser based graphics designer app which is also available for download for your Windows PC. Sumo Paint has a host of tools which can be used by the designers and which are standard in most of the graphic designing apps. However, using of Sumo Paint requires the latest version of Flash player to be installed on your device. You get to use a host of tools ranging from pencils to brushes to cloning, gradients, shapes and much more which appears in the form of a Photoshop like toolbar on the top of the app.

free windows apps for designers

6. Serif DrawPlus Starter Edition

At the first look, Serif DrawPlus Starter Edition may not appear to be a professional app that is used by designers, but it is unbelievably capable app. Although it is available for free, Serif DrawPlus Starter Edition has all the tools that will give you the feel of using the Abode Illustrator. The interface is very user friendly and it also contains some additional tools. Serif DrawPlus Starter Edition allows you to create 3D art with the help of extrusion and has a host of 3D shapes that you can use. You can also use the predefined templates available.

These are some of the best free Windows apps for designers which you can use for creating beautiful graphics whether you are a professional or a beginner.

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