Fresh Huawei Honor Handset may Be Launched before IFA

The latest Huawei Honor handset may be launched just before the IFA this year. According to the new Smartphone news, the company has sent out invitations for the event to be held on September 4 in Berlin, Germany.

Huawei Honor Handset

Huawei has also brought out a teaser for the introduction of the Honor Smartphone series. And yes, during the IFA, the long awaited Ascend Mate 3 launch is also likely to materialize. The Ascend Mate 3 is a phablet.

A future of exciting possibilities…

As far as the invitation is concerned, Huawei has been smart enough to play the cards close. The Chinese company hasn’t divulged any details about the Huawei Honor handset as yet. However, as the image shows, there is ‘A future of exciting possibilities’ that is accompanied by the date, time and location at the center bottom.

Huawei Honor Handset
Image: GSMArena

For those who do not know, the IFA is scheduled to get underway from September 5. This means the Huawei Honor handset series will get a pre-IFA release.

This is what the invitation from Huawei reads:

Join Huawei Consumer BG in Berlin on September 4 for an exciting announcement that will ‘Make it possible’ for more people around the world to experience the benefits and joy of enhanced speed, design and personalization in technology.

It looks like the Huawei Honor handset teasers are developed only for China. You can say it from the Honor logo as well as the Chinese script. It also shows the number ‘99’ in Roman script and of course the link to the Honor web site for China.

Huawei Honor Handset

Ascend Mate 3 Launch

Apart from the Huawei Honor handset, the Ascend Mate 3 launch is also expected to take place on September 4. The device had got leaked this week. There were also a few specs available with the leak then. The device comes with a display of 6 inch full-HD.

It also has 16GB of inbuilt storage capacity as well as a healthy 2GB RAM. There are two cameras in the Ascend Mate 3. The primary camera is 13MP, while the secondary camera is of 5MP capacity.

We will keep you updated about the Huawei Honor handset developments and news. Stay tuned!!!

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