Fresh Norms For WhatsApp, Gmail & Snapchat Declared

Fresh norms for WhatsApp, Gmail and Snapchat have been laid out by the Government. These social media apps, apparently need to learn how to share and save user data. Check out the whole story here!

Fresh Norms For WhatsApp, Gmail & SnapchatFresh-Norms-For-WhatsApp

Social media applications have taken the whole world by storm. There’s not a single being on this planet, who’s not familiar with names like, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. These apps have somehow managed to become a part of everyone’s daily routine. They have given rise to social media junkies everywhere. They might be hugely popular, but come with their own set of pros and cons.

This time, WhatsApp, Gmail and Snapchat have been targeted by the Central Government. It’s their User Data, which has become a great matter of concern for the govt. It has decided to lay some new rules on these apps. These fresh norms for WhatsApp, Snapchat and Gmail, involve some guidelines on how to protect and share User Data. The government has decided to introduce these rules, in the amendments of Section 67C of the IT Act, 2000.

The Central Government hasn’t disclosed any details, regarding the fresh norms for WhatsApp, Gmail an Snapchat, as of now. But, it has revealed crucial info, on who will be responsible for framing the rules. A special committee has been assembled for this purpose. This committee consists of, the additional secretary in the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MEITY), a representative, each from the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Department of Telecom, Nasscom and Internet Service Provider Association of India (ISPAI) and the Department of Personnel and Training. The members of the committee are hard at work. Soon, we can expect them to come up with the changes in Section 67C of the IT Act, 2000.

For now, the current Act remains the same, where the key focus is on prevention and retention of information by intermediaries. It states that the concerned intermediary will be responsible for protecting and retaining all user information, for a particular time period. The intermediary will carry out the same according to the instructions given by the Central Government. Any violation of this rule or any interference by other intermediaries, will result in three-years imprisonment or fine charges.

We might not know, what changes the fresh norms for WhatsApp, Gmail and Snapchat will bring to the Act. But, we can certainly expect a tough time, in store for these companies. The new rules levied on them will be strict, for sure. A situation might arise, where they have to take government’s permission on every single user data issue. So, they should prepare themselves well beforehand, to face the upcoming challenges.



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