Gadget Garrio Weekly Series – Week I Blog Posts

Starting this week, we are introducing GG Weekly Series – Gadget Garrio Weekly Series. This is the first ever edition of this kind of blog post that takes a look at the blog posts written over the previous week. This blog posts cover blogs written from Sunday 14/12/2014 to Saturday 20/12/2014.

Gadget Garrio Weekly Series

Smartphone Addiction Study: Indians Most Addicted


So, here was the first article written for the week – Smartphone Addiction Study: Indians Most Addicted. It was a very interesting article that took a look at the addiction of people towards their Smartphones. The Indian people came out on ‘top’ to be the most addicted. As a matter of fact, 57% of the Indians have admitted to be addicted to their smart devices.

India, Brazil, United States, China and Germany were the countries from where a total of 2578 people participated.

Google Buy Now Button in Result Pages Allows Purchasing


For the first time, Google has seriously shown inkling towards e-com business by introducing the Google Buy Now button in the result pages. This will allow users to purchase right from Google’s SERPs and won’t need to navigate to other places online. Coming straight to the point, Google is taking on Amazon, reports claim.

However, there is still no confirmation as to when users will start seeing the Google Buy Now button on the search pages. But when Google has said they will introduce the feature, rest assured, it will soon be there.

Check Indexed Pages: Tools for Checking Indexed Pages

check-indexed-pagesOne of the first articles on blogging and SEO on Gadget Garrio, we take a look at how you can easily find out if an URL has been indexed by Google. The tools discussed here are important to check indexed pages of your blog. This assures you that you stand a chance to be discovered through Google search.

Some tools are as easy as adding an extension, while for others, you need to open certain web sites and then access those tools. Whatever, you are assured of a certain result.


So, that’s a glance at the three blog posts for the last week. It has been a short posting of only three posts and time not permitting. Hope to cater to you more stuff in the coming weeks. We will have more of techno stuff in the days to come. Stay tuned!

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