Gadget Garrio Weekly Series – Week II Blog Posts

Starting from the previous week, we had introduced the GG Weekly Series – Gadget Garrio Weekly Series. This is now the second such edition of this kind of blog post that takes a look at the blog posts written over the previous week. This blog posts cover blogs written from Sunday 21/12/2014 to Saturday 27/12/2014.

Gadget Garrio Weekly Series

iPhone 6 app 3DAround Allows You To Take 3D Images


Who does not like playing around with images and videos? These days, just watching videos and images isn’t entertainment alone. There are so many apps and software that you can edit your images and have fun. Many apps have lots of features and functions.

As far as the iPhone 6 app 3DAround is concerned, you can even go for 3600 images with the help of this app as well. The app uses SLAM Scan 3D technology for getting the 3600 images.

Online Christmas Scams: Top 5 Scams This Year


Is there a place on the earth where there hasn’t been any scam? Be it festivals or any other reasons where people are involved in big numbers, it is very likely that the bad elements will try to sneak in. The online Christmas scams, is one of them. Here, we have listed five of the top scams associated with X-Mas.

Some of the prominent scams include fake ticket scams, phishing scams and holiday deals among many more others. Check out the ways to stay safe.

Comparison: Canvas Turbo v Galaxy Grand 2


We had also published this guest post last week. This post takes a look at the comparison between the Micromax Canvas Turbo and the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. The post takes a look at the comparison of the features of both these Smartphones.

The details of the evaluation include memory capacity, processor and the camera among many more things. That should help you in taking a decision to select the Smartphone of your choice.

Xiaomi Mi 4 India Launch Probably in January


In this post, we have included the products that will hit the Indian market in the next year from the Chinese company Xiaomi. Xiaomi has some ambitious plans for the Indian market and the way they have lined up products for next year’s release, it is evident.

India will first see the launch of Xiaomi Mi 4, which is a smarpthone, followed by Xiaomi Mi TV 2. The much-talked about Xiaomi Mi Band will also be in India in 2015.

Top 5 Android Apps Your Smartphone Must Have


The Google Play Store is indeed a treasure trove of apps – hordes of free apps – and it is indeed not easy to pick the best of the lot. Still, we have, on our part tried to single out the top 5 Android apps. While doing that, the stress was on selecting those of this year.

Another thing is that all the apps in this list are totally free to download for your Android devices. The apps definitely lend you a helping hand and make your daily tasks easier.


So, that’s a walkthrough with the five blog posts for the last week. It has been some consisting posting including a guest article. As 2014 is ticking by, we hope to cater you articles that take a look back at the passing year. A new year will be a new beginning. So, stay tuned!

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