Gadget Garrio Weekly Series – Week III Blog Posts

With third week now, we once again come forward with the GG Weekly Series – Gadget Garrio Weekly Series. The third edition of this kind of blog post takes a look at the blog posts that had been over in the last week. This blog posts cover blogs written from Sunday 28/12/2014 to Saturday 03/01/2015.

Gadget Garrio Weekly Series

Plans and Strategy for Attracting Blog Traffic in 2015


The New Year will bring along with it something new that will have both positive and negative effect on both webmasters and their websites. That is why having a plan and working on strategies for attracting blog traffic is a couple of important things. We have discussed some key things in this blog post.

Being social on the web is probably the only way out when it comes to promoting your posts. Promote 80% of stuff for other people and only expect the rest for you, is how you can go on using the social sites. And if you are ready to spend some bucks, nothing can beat Facebook ads.

Apple Sued Over Misleading Users With Storage Space


Well, did you expect anything like that from a reputed company like Apple that it promises more storage space and gives actually lesser in return? The US-based Apple has been accused of not providing the storing space that they had promised in the features and specifications. A law suit was also filed against the company for this trickery.

However, there was no word from Apple refuting these claims. But, it can be recalled that there was a similar case against Apple in 2012. It was reported that there was 16GB of storage space for devices like iPhone, iPod and iPad. However, about 20 per cent of the space is occupied by the operating system itself.


The New Year and the vacation has understandably been those few days where there was comparatively lesser posting. Moreover, my blog also faced some technical issues during the last five to six days. That also was a reason why there was lesser blog postings.

However, we hope things get back to normal as we line up more stuff for you in the week to come.

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