Gadget Garrio Weekly Series – Week IX Blog Posts

Now in the ninth week of the GG Weekly Series – Gadget Garrio Weekly Series, it’s great to post such blog posts once again. These help you in getting the weekly review of the blog posts ‘under one roof’. And that’s why we run the series of week posts, which bring to you all the posts of the past week in a single look. So, it becomes easier for you to have a quick glance at what happened in the past week.

So, without losing any more time, here are the blog posts from Sunday 08/02/2015 to Saturday 14/02/2015.

Gadget Garrio Weekly Series

Happy 10th Birthday YouTube [Infographic]

Here is an infographic on the occasion of the 10th Birthday of YouTube

 IndiBlogger Rank Goes Up Due To Consistency in Blogging

indiblogger-rankI had really no intention of writing this article. However, as IndiBlogger is one of my favorite blogging communities, I thought it would be a fitting article to mention about the improvement of my rank there. The blogging ranks are awarded from a scale of 1 to 100 – the higher the better.

In the last three to four months I was able to jump from 77 to 81 for my current blog there. Consistency in blogging and being active on IB will certainly push forward the rank of your blog presently.

 WhatsApp Security Flaw Lets Hackers ‘Hunt’ Users

whatsapp-security-flawThe popular mobile messaging app WhatsApp has still got come security concerns. This was brought forward in this blog post. If you are a user of WhatsApp, you are likely to get compromised with your security even if you have set your privacy settings.

But, how serious is this security lapse or how it will affect you, read on to know more.

 Be Protected against Cricket World Cup Online Scam

cricket-world-cup-online-scamThe ICC Cricket World Cup is here and so are the chances for online scamsters. Hackers take advantage of such world events to carry out their ‘evil’ plans. There are people who make phishing and malicious sites in the name of discounts and freebies.

There are some security tips in this blog post that you should once go through so you remain safe and not fall prey to attractive offers during the event. And even if there are things related to such discounts and offers, always make it sure you are getting from the official, reputed and trustworthy sites.


We published the first infographic after starting the Gadget Garrio series. However, that is rare on the blog. But, the normal posts will continue to appear on the blog. So, watch out for more stuff.

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  1. Thanks for including notes on the blog post! That#&8217;s awesome. And yeah, the design was probably never usability tested, or they would have figured out that button thing real quick. I know that full-on usability testing is not really feasible for small sites, but just informally asking for honest opinions and reactions from people who aren’t connected with the project at all can really help widen the perspective. And at a minimum, small sites like that are often built on platforms that have a mobile plug-in or mobile enabled option. It’s better than nothing for sure.


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