Gadget Garrio Weekly Series – Week VI Blog Posts

Presenting to you the sixth week of the GG Weekly Series – Gadget Garrio Weekly Series. As promised earlier, we brought to you an article on security tips. We had also mentioned about having blogging articles on a more consistent basis. So, we included at least one article last week.

The VI of the blog post series is from the published articles from Sunday 18/01/2015 to Saturday 24/01/2015.

Gadget Garrio Weekly Series

Fake IMEI Numbers Mobiles Banned by Indian Government


In a move to crackdown on the fake IMEI numbers, the Indian Government has come up with a strict ban on such devices. This is especially necessary keeping in mind the notorious activities carried out using mobile phones. It is very much possible that even innocent people can find themselves in trouble.

There will also be no import on handsets that have fake or counterfeit IDs. In this blog post, we have also discussed how you can find the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Industry) numbers of a mobile handset. These numbers are used for recognizing a particular handset in question.

Windows 10 Update: Microsoft Banking on Windows


Microsoft released the Windows 10 at an event last week. It is the latest operating system of their popular Windows OS from the US-based software giant. The company is looking at a lot of positives from the release of this OS version. In fact, it may even bring brighter days for the Internet Explorer too.

This OS is built for almost all types of screen sizes. So, this should work on tabs, mobiles and various screens of laptops and desktops. The good thing about this version is that Microsoft right from the start put the Start Menu, which was later added in the Windows 8.

Social Network Posts to Avoid On Social Networking


Life can be risky on the social media at times. It is like a double-edged sword. If it serves you to gain extra traffic and keep in touch with your friends and family, it can also hurt you at times. Many times we have heard about posting stuff on social networks. But, it is also vital to know what you shouldn’t post on such sites.

In this blog, we have discussed five such things that you should avoid posting on social networking sites. This includes your mobile or personal phone number, home address, geotagged images as well as your current location. In short, don’t get too personal with social sites.


So, that’s all we had folks for this week of the Gadget Garrio Weekly Series. We will be bringing more of blogging stuff in this week also. And yes, it is important for us to know your views on the blog posts. So, please feel free to post in your comments and suggestions so we can improve to cater to you more useful stuff from time to time.

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