Gadget Garrio Weekly Series – Week VII Blog Posts

This week we are in the seventh week of the GG Weekly Series – Gadget Garrio Weekly Series. We are running this series of weekly posts that bring to you all the posts of the past week in a single look. So, it becomes easier for you to have a quick glance at what happened in the past week.

So, without further ado, here are the blog posts from Sunday 25/01/2015 to Saturday 31/01/2015.

Gadget Garrio Weekly Series

Five Things Blogging Taught Me in My Life

blogging-taught-meI have been associated with blogging for a good eight years now. When I look back when I started, I see that I have come forward more than those eight years. ‘Eight years’ is just a number. Actually, I have travelled a lot. And I am sure those who are into blogging may also have learnt lots of newer things.

Blogging isn’t only about writing and submitting blog posts and promoting on social networks. Though it does matter, blogging gives an altogether new perspective of looking at life and things.

Please share your thoughts as what blogging changed in you.

 Xiaomi Mi4 vs Xiaomi Mi3: What’s Your Choice?

Image: GSMArena

In this article, we took a look at Xiaomi Mi4 vs Xiaomi Mi3. Actually, the Xiaomi Mi4 is the descendent of the Xiaomi Mi3 and was launched on January 28. We have a comparison of both the Xiaomi Mi devices. That will give you an immediate idea of the upsides and the downsides of both devices and decide which you need.

Now, as both the Xiaomi devices are in the market, it will be great competition between the two gadgets that come from the same house. Whichever device performs well, it will be a win-win situation for the Chinese Smartphone maker.

Mobile-friendly Website: Make Your Site Mobile-friendly


With each passing day, mobile usage is on the increase. A majority of US users prefer to use either their Smartphone or tablet to browse and surf on the go. Moreover, a lot of online shopping transactions are also taking place on mobile devices. Mobile phones are certainly the future.

No wonder, Google also wants the webmasters to make their sites more mobile-friendly. In this blog post, I have discussed some tips, especially for webmasters to make their site easily accessible in mobile browsers too.

You may certainly find the tips useful. Mobile-friendly sites are specially tagged by Google search as “Mobile friendly” in mobile SERPs.

HTC Desire 816G Price at Rs 19,990 as Upgraded Version

htc-desire-816g-priceFinally, the last article of the week was on the new HTC Desire 816G device. The HTC gadget is priced at Rs. 19,990 and is an upgraded version. Like many other Smartphones in this range, the HTC mobile handset also has two cameras with 13MP and 5MP respectively.

The storage is already hefty with 16GB and the same amount of data can be stored with a microSD card. There are many more features like the BlinkFeed app about the device listed in the original article. You may be interested in having a look at them.


That’s it for yet another successful week with the Gadget Garrio Weekly Series. We will continue to bring similar editions of the GG Weekly Series in the future as well.

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