Gadget Garrio Weekly Series – Week X Blog Posts

Now in the tenth week of the GG Weekly Series – Gadget Garrio Weekly Series, it’s great to post such blog posts once again. These help you in getting the weekly review of the blog posts ‘under one roof’. And that’s why we run the series of week posts, which bring to you all the posts of the past week in a single look. So, it becomes easier for you to have a quick glance at what happened in the past week.

So, without losing any more time, here are the blog posts from Sunday 15/02/2015 to Saturday 21/02/2015.

Gadget Garrio Weekly Series

Vaio Laptop Battery with 15-Hour Backup Unveiled


The first of our posts in the last week was about the release of Vaio laptop battery. Vaio released the laptop – known as Vaio Z. Here, Z signifies Zero, which is the ‘start’. The USP of the laptop battery is that it can give a backup of around 15 hours.

The laptop screen is 13.3” while the display resolution is 2560 X 1704 and has fifth generation Intel CPU. Moreover, it also has faster booting – in only 0.3 seconds that gives it another upside. The device has 1TB of hard disk drive.

Lenovo Miix 3 Tablet Debuts in India at Rs. 21,999

lenovo-miix-3-tabletLenovo debuted the Lenovo Miix 3 tablet in India. The price tag of the gadget is Rs. 21,999. The tablet runs on Windows  8.1. Lenovo tab hast here three forms namely laptop, stand and tablet. There are Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity options in the tablet.

The aluminium body gives the tablet a very great and rich look. There is also a 2MP camera in the device. The keyboard extension can be used according to your convenience. So, it is more comfortable and convenient to use.

Twitter Porn Images Is a Matter of Concern

twitter porn images

The black side of the internet is pornography. There are millions of images and videos of pornography on the internet and the matter of concern is that children are getting exposed to it. Of late, there are a lot of porn images on Twitter as well. Kids are directly exposed to it.

There is a very urgent need to take care of web porn. Yes, there are some big companies who are making efforts to counter porn on the web. However it will not be easy to take such concrete steps regarding online pornography.


It is a great feeling to bring to you the Gadget Garrio Weekly Series on a regular basis. These week’s posts were also fun to write and share with you all. Please do not forget to share the blog post.

We are leaving with a promise of bringing to you something similar next week too.

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