Gadgets Available on Heavy Discount on 15th August

Tomorrow is India’s 69th Independence Day and like all other Indians, it is a feeling to be proud of. For companies, this is a great opportunity to make gadgets available on heavy discount on 15th August. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Gadgets Available on Heavy Discount on 15th August

Whenever there is any celebration or an event, it is very likely that you’ll see deals, offers and discounts on the Indian market. This time too, it’s no different with India’s Independence Day on Monday, August 15. There are many gadgets available on heavy discounts already. The list is pretty huge on sites like Amazon and Snapdeal and the similar that have a field day during occasions like the Independence Day, or any other festive occasions in India.


Television sets from companies like Micromax and LG, for example are offering heavy discounts of more than 50 per cent on some specific models.  Products of other companies like Apple, Dell and Lenovo also feature in the list where there are gadgets available on heavy discount on 15th August.You may check out for more details at the respective websites of the companies.

Gadgets Available on Heavy Discount

Other electronic products that are included to offer heavy discounts are washing machines, air conditioners, ovens of popular companies like Samsung, Haier, Onida and Voltas. MicroSD cards from Samsung in 16GB and 32GB versions are also available along with the popular SanDiskCallmate Selfie Stick With Aux Cable – Black comes with a whopping 81% discount. You can get your for just INR 190 on its original price of Rs. 999.

How can mobile handsets be too far in the list of gadgets available on heavy discount on 15th August? Of course, they have to be here. Smartphones from companies like Samsung, Micromax and Intex can be seen listed. These are just a few names of the innumerable brands and companies available for purchase. Mobile phones spanning various specs like camera-centric phones or those having a powerful RAM or high-end smartphones are some of the gadgets available on heavy discount on 15th August. For example, the Samsung Galaxy J3 with S bike mode is also up for grabs.



Apple iPhones

Though we are staring at the iPhone 7 and a number of leaks and rumors regarding the iPhone 7 clone that recently surfaced in China with dual cameras, we still have iPhones as old as the iPhone 4 8GB in these deals. This particular iPhone costs Rs. 17,511, a price that will still give you a Redmi Pro 64GB. This easily shows that the Apple phones are still very costly in India.

There are other iPhones available on heavy discounts too, where you get to save a considerable 21% on iPhone 6S 16GB. The original price tag of Rs. 62,000 is now brought down to Rs. 48,849.

Keep a watch around for the gadgets available on heavy discount on 15th August. And there are so many of them, you will easily find gadgets available on heavy discount on this occasion.

Disclaimer: These deals and discount details of these products were mentioned at the time when they were actually offered. Readers may wish to crosscheck the information before buying these gadgets available on heavy discount.

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