Galaxy A8 Plus India Launch: Pre-order on Amazon

Are you ready for Galaxy A8 Plus? If you have been waiting, Galaxy A8 Plus India launch will make your day. This happened at a recent event.

Galaxy A8 Plus India Launch

Galaxy A8 Plus India launch is taking the country by storm. Not only is the product launched, today, Galaxy A8 Plus will be available online too. Amazon gets the exclusive rights to the distribution. 20th January can be the date of release of the online sales. The colours available are the classic Gold and Black. These colours will sell like hotcakes. After Samsung A8 release, this was in the pipeline. You can pre-order logging on to Amazon. You won’t have to wait for the date of release. Pre-order opens today. Now smile!

Specs and Features

Well, Indian market demands a huge screen phone. The trend is set. Galaxy A8 Plus will be your dream Samsung phone with a humongous 6-inch Full HD as well as infinite display. The selfies camera or the front camera that everyone waits for with a new smartphone has dual cameras. The dual camera feature is just like that of its predecessor Samsung A8. They are 16 MP and 8 MP. Great quality for amazing photography! The processor is Octa-core of Exynos 7885. The batter is 3500 mAh powered. The internal storage is 64 GB while the RAM is yet to be specific about.

Water resistance and dust resistance makes it a desirable phone by Samsung. You can use Samsung Pay with this new launch.

To be more specific about the specifications like the RAM and other features, let us wait for more news.



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