Galaxy Note 2 Emits Smoke in the Indigo Aircraft

Galaxy Note 2 emits smoke in the middle of an airplane journey from Singapore to Chennai.  DGCA is likely to ban the use of the smartphone in aircraft following this incident.

Galaxy Note 2 Emits Smoke


The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 emits smoke during an aircraft flight in India. A senior official stated that India’s Aviation Regulator is likely to put a ban on the operation of probably the entire series of Samsung Galaxy Note devices on the flights. This statement was put forward followed by an incident that took place in Indigo airlines which reported “sparks and smoke” which was produced from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 being carried in a passenger’s baggage.

This occurrence took place this Friday on the flight from Singapore to Chennai. The event turns out to be bad news for the giant tech company because it just launched its latest model Samsung Galaxy Note 7. After the warning of the potential fire hazard given by the US Federal Aviation Administration earlier this month Global Aviation Regulators involving India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (since hereon referred to as DGCA) also the ones in Australia and Canada proclaimed restraint on the use of the Note 7 in airlines.

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Stated in a press release, some passenger on the Indigo flight 6E-054 from Singapore to Chennai alerted the cabin crew member after he/she observed Galaxy Note 2 emits smoke and smell inside the cabin. After the notification, the crew member noticed emission of smoke from a baggage kept in an overhead bin. The crew spontaneously discharged the fire extinguisher and relocated the smartphone in the lavatory into a container filled with water.

As the Galaxy Note 2 emits smoke, however, did not cause much of a hassle either to the aircraft or to its passengers.  The aircraft was landed safely at the Chennai airport. Indigo has well informed the DGCA about the incident. The matter shall be taken forward and the smartphone shall be further scrutinized by the concerned divisions.

A senior DGCA official stated:

“The (regulator’s fresh) advisory may be similar to the Samsung Note 7 advisory, where the carrying of the phones in a ‘switch on’ mode will not be allowed. We have called Samsung to discuss the issue on Monday.”

A spokesperson from Samsung responded by saying:

“We are aware of an incident involving one of our devices. At Samsung, customer safety is our highest priority. We are in touch with relevant authorities to gather more information, and are looking into the matter.”

Following the incident, Samsung carried out a systematic inquiry to examine and discover the hitch. It established that the flaw lied in the rechargeable batteries of the smartphone. The company has since then had tried to control the situation by selling out the revised phones in a few of the places.

Launch of Galaxy Note 7 in the Indian Market

The Korean Company wants to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 around 28th to 30th of September in the Indian Market before the launch of Apple iPhone 7 on 7th of October. If the analysts are to be believed, it is likely that the new Apple iPhone 7 might see a tremendous rise in its sales in the next few weeks. As far as Samsung is concerned, there is good news to its customers. The Galaxy Note 7 replacement stock with software update available from September 21.

It would be a real scare to see Galaxy Note 2 emits smoke. What would you do at such a time? Put in your comments below to share your thoughts.


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