Galaxy Note 7 Fire: A Remote Update Will Disable The Devices That Have Not Been Returned

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fire incidents might have been history now. But there are still some devices that need to be disabled, according to Samsung. Probably, a remote update will do the job.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fire

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fire fiasco had shaken the company to its core. It began a recall program after it discontinued the model, but as it turns out people in the company’s own backyard don’t want to return the fire-prone phones.

The update from Samsung is that it might disable the Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea. After the fire fiasco of the flagship, the exchange and refund program initiated by Samsung has been going well. And the Galaxy Note 7 customers in India were getting Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in exchange. Note 7 update is that there has been over 90% return percentage in almost all markets. Nevertheless, in South Korea, the progress of the exchange and refund program has been slow. Recent reports hold that 1,40,000 units have not been returned still and are being used in Samsung’s backyard.

In the American and European markets, Samsung has pushed its customers to return the Note 7. In Europe, there has been 30% battery charge. In the US a Note 7 update has been released to disable it remotely. It did not seem likely that Samsung would release it in South Korea too, according to reports last week. This was keeping in mind the reaction from customers. However, a report today claims that Samsung is considering releasing a Note 7 update for software that will remotely disable the units. This Note 7 update would prevent the battery from charging.

“Samsung is considering to push the software update to the Note 7 in Korea that can limit the battery charge of the device as the exchange rate has exceeded 90 percent here,” a Samsung spokesperson is reported to have said. All this comes in the wake of the Note 7 bursting into flames right after being launched. The ill-fated Note 7 was recalled, and Samsung initiated an exchange and refund program.

SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest mobile carrier is reportedly the one through whom Samsung will push its Note 7 update. Other smaller carriers like KT and LG U Plus will probably follow this example. Samsung’s exchange and refund program for the Galaxy Note 7 will be extended until the end of January 2017, reports say. This is to recall the units that some customers are still using and adamant on not returning.

It looks like Samsung wants to put the Galaxy Note 7 fire fiasco behind it as quickly as possible and move ahead with promising new models.


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