Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner: More Images Leaked

The Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner has been facing an onslaught and has been in the news for various reasons. Here is one more link in the series speaking of something new. Read on.

Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner


Secrecy is considered as the most important aspect to gain success in the market by drip feeding the customers. However, Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner, which is the most prominent feature of the handset, has suffered a leak of information. A video has come to the fore that has revealed how fast the Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner works. Ideally, it was to be launched on August 2 this year as a surprise feature for the customers.

Unfortunately, surprise is no longer the case as everyone is now aware about this feature. Many images are available online about the setup of the iris scanner that reveals information that is easy for anyone to read because it is in simple English language.


This leakage is inclusive of Galaxy Note 7’s new Grace UX interface which showcases the S Pen Air Command menu with accustomed options for the S Note, Screen Write, Action Memo and many more things. This leak has shown all the information that could have acted as the appetizer for the customers to wait for this device.

Conclusively, the only thing one can now await is the Galaxy Note 7 price that has been set by the company. We are also waiting the actual release date when it will be made available in the market for purchasing.


Of course, we will let you know the details of the Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner story. And we will publish all the possible details in the days to come. Stay tuned to keep yourself updated of the latest on the Galaxy Note 7.

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