Galaxy Note 8 256GB Variant for South Korea Market: Leak

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 256GB variant is slated for a release for the South Korea market. This variant will release for the home market. However, it’s a leak and still, reports aren’t confirmed.

Galaxy Note 8 256GB Variant

Galaxy Note 8 256GB variant

The Galaxy Note 8 is already doing all kinds of leaks. But the Galaxy Note 8 256GB variant for the South Korea market is probably the best we are hearing till now. We already did a roundup of the Galaxy Note 8 so you can know quite a few things. The South Korean company is now planning to bring out the 256GB variant in its home market.

It’s going to be a special edition of the upcoming Note 8. This rumored Note 8 is also known as the Emperor Edition thanks to its humongous memory capacity. Another important thing about this Galaxy Note 8 256GB variant is that it is reserved only for the Asian market.

This means the Emperor Edition won’t be available for prominent markets in the world like Europe and North and South America. However, these markets will still get two different variants of the Note 8 – the one with 6GB RAM and 64GB storage, while the other is 6GB RAM and 128GB storage.

The phone is ready for a launch in this month only with high-end specs. And will be probably the first phone from Samsung to have a dual-rear camera setup. And the cases are there for pre-orders as well if you are interested in grabbing one.


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