Galaxy Note 8 Waiting for August 26 US Unveiling According to Rumor

After having gone through a number of rumors regarding almost everything the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, we have a possible unveiling date in the US rumored to be August 26.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8
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We are still unsure in what avatar the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will come out. A report earlier stated that there might be two variants of the GN 8, one will be with a fingerprint scanner, while the other won’t have one. However, there is still a lot of time to go before there is something credible regarding the Note 8.

We already know that Samsung was to announce the Note 8 at the IFA this year. But it looks like there is no room for any rumor as of now because of this new report. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might be unveiled in New York on August 26.

There’s a logical reason to why this report carries weight behind it. When the Galaxy Note 7 was announced last year, it was in August as well. And was unveiled on the 2nd of the same month. That’s why it is likely that we might get a similar unveiling event in the same month.

If that’s not the case, then there’s another reason for Samsung to postpone the announcement. This year’s IFA 2017 is scheduled for September. And for the past several years we have seen Apple announcing its new iPhone in the month of September. However, this year’s iPhone 8 release date is also likely to be postponed. But if this doesn’t happen, then September 2017 would be the month for the iPhone 8 launch.

Things are not clear at the moment as both Apple and Samsung will like to avoid the clash of its next announcement of a major flagship. It now remains to be seen when the Galaxy Note 8 finally makes it official unveiling.


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