Pre-book your Galaxy Note 8 cases on Mobile Fun!!

As Galaxy Note 8 cases are available for pre-order purpose, the Galaxy fans can have a sneak peek in to its prospective design.

Galaxy Note 8 cases

Galaxy Note 8 cases
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It’s common to see that accessory manufacturers are the first to know detailed specs and design of an upcoming gadget. Last year in July, the e-commerce website ‘Mobile Fun’ had showcased accessories of Samsung Galaxy 7, which could be readily pre-ordered by the users. And this July, the online retailer has made available its Galaxy Note 8 cases from Olixar for pre-ordering purpose. Yesterday, Slickwraps had leaked a Galaxy Note 8 CAD design that has raised the veil for its mesmerizing design.

As the accessory manufacturers strive to develop accurate cases as per the designs of to-be-launched smartphones, it gives us all an idea about the overall look and design beforehand. Last month, the case renders of Galaxy Note 8 had created loads of buzz. And now, Olixar is doing the same. As per the Galaxy Note 8’s images of Olixar, it will have a bigger Infinity Display than the one found in Galaxy S8. There will be a fingerprint scanner in the rear setup along with the dual camera. This further hints that there won’t be an optical fingerprint scanner in this phablet. The fingerprint scanner will be separated from the camera through heart rate sensor. A relief for the users who were not happy with lens-smudging issues!

Mobile Fun has introduced Galaxy Note 8 cases in many exciting as well as classic colors including silver, blue, gold and black. Besides cases, the customers can also pre-order 2-Piece pop cover and wireless charging case from the online website.


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