Galaxy S7 Edge Plus Accessories Appear on Internet

The Galaxy S7 edge plus accessories have been seen online. The accessories listed on Armorsuit’s website. Which are they?

Galaxy S7 Edge Plus Accessories

Galaxy S7 Edge Plus Accessories is the heated topic of the phone market these days for sure as it is much awaited by the populous all over the world. With a display of 5.7-inch, the Galaxy S7 Edge plus is anticipated to be released on August 2 this year in the company of Galaxy Note 7 that is also projected to be released simultaneously.

It is inclusive of a LED view cover that provides the important information in addition to the basic notifications facilitating switching the phone alarms on or off as per the convenience besides the availability of special icons that make it feasible to know who is calling you.


The clear view cover in the form of a matte case protects the handset and allows certain functions even when the display is off like receiving phone calls and playing your favorite tracks. The availability of a sleek fit wallet ensures the safety of the card. Additionally, besides the already listed accessories the most prominent is the wireless charger. As the name suggests without the need of wire, the phone can be charged by just placing it on the stand. The relief is that you can use your smartphone even as the device is being charged. So, it will be safe to use it.


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