Galaxy S8 US Sales Failed to Keep Pace With iPhone 7 in Q1 2017

As per Kantar, the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S8 US sales dropped significantly as compared to iPhone 7 from January to May, 2017.

Galaxy S8 US sales

Galaxy S8 US sales
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In spite of coming up with an astonishing feature of being connected to multiple Bluetooth headphones, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ didn’t experience a huge hike in its sales. In the first quarter of 2017, both Galaxy S8 and S8+ occupied a market share of 8.1% in the smartphone industry. However, this figure is comparatively lower than the smartphone market share of 8.8% for Galaxy S7 in 2016. While Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus dominantly secured 20.1% of smartphone market in the US. The data prominently shows that Galaxy S8 US sales were not as much as that of iPhone’s latest models.

And it’s not the first time that tech masters are analyzing Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7. A couple of months back, the famous Bend Test challenge was implemented on both Samsung S8 and iPhone 7 to check their reliability and durability.

Lauren Guenveur, the Global Consumer Insight Director of Kantar Worldpanel told that the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 in April’s last two weeks could not have a huge impact on its overall sales by the end of April, 2017.

Considering data from January till May, 2017, Kantar added that the launch of Galaxy S8 in April may have affected its overall market share. While iPhone 7 that was launched in September, 2016 had experienced a huge demand among the audiences thereafter.

Lauren further said that most of the Android phones such as LG and Samsung had seen tremendous decline in its sales in the US. Smartphones such as Galaxy S8, and LG’s G6 not only saw a decline in sales, but were also not enlisted in top 10 best-selling phones.

While Galaxy S8 US sales lagged behind iPhone 7 for the first quarter, there is a different picture being painted in China. There, Android phones saw a 4.3% increase in its market share this year, as compared to iOS that experienced a decline of 3.8% for the quarter. Even in various European nations, Android seized 78.3% of sales (increase of 2.2% from previous year), and iOS captured 19.3% of market sales (increase of 1.1% as compared to previous year).


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