Games you should have on your Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4 is already doing great business as it sold more than one million devices in just 24 hours flat. There is no doubt that the Sony PS4 is here with something unique and is a harbinger of an era of video games in HD. Shelling out odd $400 is something many video gaming enthusiasts and Sony fans didn’t bother.

However, there are also some games that you will need to purchase. But that has been an easier job than before as there is the online PlayStation Store at your disposal. Through the Store you are free to download any of the available 22 games that are currently available.

There is also the more conventional way of having the games as well, where you can buy the game on the disc. There are 14 choices for you if you choose this way.

Whatever path you choose to tread, here are some of the best games out there.

NBA 2K14 (From: 2K Sports; Cost: $59.99)

The NBA is one of the most addictive games and easily the champ of the sports out there. The best part of the NBA 2K14 is that it represents the Gen-X that is accompanied by the “Eco-Motion” engine. Another high point of the game is that the physics as well as the animations of the characters are more rational and realistic.

What’s more, they also act in an emotional way when the game is on. Emotions with animated characters – just imagine playing the game! And who would dare leave Kobe Bryant fuming?

Need for Speed Rivals (From: Electronic Arts; Cost: $59.99)

Many of us have played the Need For Speed and it is a household name today in the world of video gaming. No need to mention the NFS is as engaging an arcade game as ever. The racing game is pretty much free of traffic jams so you can go on full accelerator.

The “Rivals” is more engaging and compelling than ever as the flow of the occurring events is pretty much smooth and even. Play with your partner in a head-to-head match and see who wins the race.

Battlefield 4 (From: Electronic Arts; Cost: $59.99)Battlefield

The Battlefield 4 is a console game that will take you in a world of its own. It wouldn’t be exaggeration if we term the game as having an “epic” level and an unprecedented scale. The exciting part of the game is that there are another 63 “soldiers” out there and you can be with or against them.

With the power of EA behind the game, the battlefield is nothing but a place of war and total destruction. It is not only the sound of the firing guns, but the danger of the huge skyscrapers falling on you as well.

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