Gaming World: Difference between Xbox and PS4

How many times have you played games on the Xbox 360 or the Sony PS4. Umpteen times? But do you know the difference between Xbox and PS4? Do you know what makes the Xbox distinct from PS4 or vice versa? Here we are referring to Xbox 360.

The first thing you should know is the companies that have developed these gaming devices. The Xbox comes from the house of Microsoft – the US-based software giant. PS4 comes from the Japanese electronics major Sony.

Rightly speaking, Microsoft and Sony are the only real contenders for the top spot when it comes to video gaming. Both companies have brought out various versions of their gaming devices. However, today the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation4, popularly known as PS4, are the most sold units for the respective companies.

When it comes to an avid game lover, there isn’t really too much to choose between Xbox and PS4, because both gaming consoles offer some killer games with equally killer graphics. So, in that sense, there is hardly any difference between Xbox and PS4.Sony PlayStation4

But practically and technically there is certainly some difference between Xbox and PS4. Let us have a look at it.

Difference between Xbox and PS4

Number of games

There is a sea of difference between the numbers of games offered. When on one hand Xbox offers games amounting to 1000+, on the other hand, there are just about 100 games on PS4. So, in that sense there is a lot to choose from for the Xbox lovers.

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When it comes to exclusive games, the number of such games with Xbox is about 80, while with PS4 the number count reaches in the region of 10 – where again the Xbox scores over PS4.

Better performance of PS4

The PS4 scores one over the Xbox when it comes to the performance. The hard drives are replaceable in the Sony devices, whereas the same feature is missing from the Xbox. Also, the PS4 has an improved clock speed and is higher than that of the Xbox. There is also internal power supply facility in the Sony gadget. Moreover, PS4 has the very basic headphone jack facility, which isn’t available with Xbox.

RAM and other features

The RAM with PS4 is higher than that of Xbox. The RAM with Xbox is 0.5GB, whereas there is a whopping 8GB RAM in PS4. Sports games are best played on PS4 as there is the facility of using the gadget with motion tracking device.

It must be mentioned that the PS4 does have Wi-Fi version, whereas the basic support is missing from Microsoft.

All in all, there are both high and low points for both Xbox and PS4 and the difference between Xbox and PS4 is for one to decide.

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