Gboard iOS Keyboard: See What New Features It’s Got

Google Gboard iOS keyboard gets new features. Features like 3D touch, new keyboard theme and more! Google has now released the Gboard 1.2 version for its users.

Gboard iOS Keyboard


Google Gboard iOS keyboard has already been among the most installed third-party keyboard apps. Google has released Gboard 1.2 version. This version has many new features that fulfill the demand of its users.

The new version of Gboard iOS keyboard includes 3D Touch which automatically gives its users a better and amazing experience. Usually, the keyboard themes are either black or plain white. But this Gboard has added new background images to give a better look. GIFs are one of the most trending features available that are revolving around. Google iOS keyboard has also included the feature to search GIFs. Whenever you tap the icon for emoticons you will see a separate section for GIFs. Or just tap the G logo representing Google and write GIFs.

The Google Gboard iOS keyboard has numerous new emoticons added in the app. The G logo representing Google is actually the Google search engine. You can search anything. For example, restaurants near me and much more!

Google has managed to surprise its users irrespective of the platform they are using. It one day brings features for Android. And the very second day for iOS users. Google’s Gboard iOS keyboard is already a success. But, to keep it in its position, Google has added new and unique features.

Some of the other features that Gboard already had are way too useful for its iOS customers. Features like bold, underline etc. Also, you need not type every single word to complete a sentence. You can just move your finger on the letters to write a word. Just like in Swift key app, which now supports five languages at once.

If you are an iOS user and haven’t yet installed this great keyboard, you need to install is now. It has features worth experiencing. Also, this new version works on iOS 10.


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