With GeeksPhone Revolution you can use both Android and Firefox OS

There are phones and Smartphones with a single OS. But the GeeksPhone’s Revolution, you will now be able use both Android and Firefox OS – two operating systems on a single handset.
GeeksPhone is a handset manufacturing company based in Spain producing the handsets. The company was doing business with the Firefox OS on their phones. However, they have now announced ‘Revolution’ and that is indeed is one.
There was a report carried out by Gigaom that spoke about the phone. The report stated that the phone has two operating systems and users will be able to use either of them. That’ not all. In case of an advanced user, a user will be able to use both OSes.
There are very few details available about the phone at the moment. There is a landing page, however, with just a line that reads “The revolution is coming. Stay tuned.” The page shows a pregnant woman in the image. Certainly, the Revolution is about to take birth. A text reads “A creation with a powerful heart”.
There are talks that the phone will cost around 300 Euros. The price will be almost half – just 149 Euros for those customers who had pre-ordered the device – the Peak+ Firefox OS. There are all the reasons for the company to say that they are giving almost 50% discount in that way.
A statement from Gigaom said that the customers can place an order for the gadget with the Android OS or Mozilla. However, for the advanced users the OS from Mozilla will have to be installed via ROM with Android.
It must be noted that the company experienced failure in shipping the Peak+, which is an upgraded version of the Peak device. The phone that was announced in the month of July was the first Smartphone with Firefox OS.
It was pointed out that there was a serious problem in the supply of the components chain in Asia. To fix the issue the company has offered a new Revolution phone or has come up with an offer of refunding the entire amount to the buyers. But there is no word on the deadline for the accessibility of the device.

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