Get YoWhatsApp for Android: The Underrated WhatsApp MOD

YoWhatsApp is an underrated WhatsApp MOD. Gives it more flexibility. Now, just go get YoWhatsApp for Android. Your flexibility is here for your app.

If you are having a smartphone, then, WhatsApp is surely installed there. It’s the Go-To messaging app for everyone. WhatsApp is the most-loved & downloaded application worldwide. Recently, it has made a record that on New Year’s Eve, 75 billion messages are sent worldwide. This is how much big the WhatsApp user base is.

Get YoWhatsApp for Android

Nowadays, the youth wants some advanced features in their favorite messaging. The reason is there are many other social apps like Hike, Telegram, WeChat is bringing better features than WhatsApp. Taking that into mind, many developers are regularly coming modified apps of WhatsApp.

One of the big examples is WhatsApp Plus which may be the most popular among all the WhatsApp MODs. But, one among a couple of MODs is YoWhatsApp which is attracting users very fast. Yousef Al Basha is keeping an eye on the beta version of WhatsApp and bringing those features to YoMod before the official release. Besides that, the Yo WhatsApp also comes some never before customization features.Get YoWhatsApp for Android

So, why you should download this WhatsApp Mod App? The privacy mods and theme customization in the YoWhatsApp is one of its kind. You will get regular updates with the fix for bugs reported by users. Users can also suggest features to the developer. So, let’s see all its important features.

Before that, you can also see how to run it on Android with the APK file.

How to Download and Install Yo WhatsApp?

You can run the YoWhatsApp only on an Android phone. So, we need to get the APK.

–  Download the YoWhatsApp Latest Version APK File.

–  Install, open, verify the mobile number and explore all the features of the YoMods.

Get YoWhatsApp for Android

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Features in YoWhatsApp MOD:

The developer Yousef Al Basha has brought many amazing features to the Yo WhatsApp Latest Version app. Features like Hiding last seen, grey ticks, blue ticks, always show online, theme store and more are there. The message recall function was first brought into YoWhatsApp before the official app. It helps in deleting the message even after it is sent. The message gets deleted from both the sides. Another great thing, you can use it along with default WhatsApp. So, it can be the best app for Dual WhatsApp. Leave it and let’s see all the key features YOWA latest MOD apk now.

  1. Made using the base of Latest Official WhatsApp for Android
  2. Better and Smoother UI
  3. Extra cool fonts
  4. Increase in Size of Sending Media File up to 700 MB
  5. Send any type of file formats like ZIP, PSD, APK, and others
  6. Privacy MODs – Choose who can call you, view your status and more
  7. Hide grey ticks, blue ticks, Last seen
  8. Exclusive lock screen for Chat Lock and YOWA Lock
  9. Anti-Delete Message: This message won’t let anyone delete any message from your side. Only you can delete.
  10. Media Privacy: Hide WhatsApp Media from Phone Gallery
  11. Extra EMOJI sets, Tick design styles
  12. YoThemes Store: More than 1000 beautiful available in store. Just click on apply any theme and see the magic.
  13. Much more are there. Just use it to explore all.

Get YoWhatsApp for Android

So, now, you may say that “I can get most of its features in GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus”. But, I have the reason to make you install YoWhatsApp on your Android phone. YoWhatsApp gets faster updates and regular bug fix. The developer also listens to the users’ feedback and make releases according to the suggestion.

Don’t wait. Go and download the MOD app from above and start WhatsApp-ing with lots of Privacy MODs and fun.

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