Gionee Leaked Images Show Dual Curved Display

The hushed news of Gionee leaked images should bring a whirlwind in the Chinese smartphone market. As per the leak, the phone is expected to witness dual curved display.

Gionee Leaked Images


The popular Chinese microblogging site, Weibo has been enlightened when a user entered two pictures of the Gionee brand. The phone is expected to get unveiled soon. The rumored smartphone is said to carry a dual curved display screen along with dual cameras.

If you see Gionee leaked images, there is a leather back. And the metal antenna caps seem to be like icing on the cake. The pictures also show some information that this smartphone would carry. However, the laden details are a 6GB RAM and a Home button on the front panel of the phone, which should act as a fingerprint sensor as well.

As of now, no other data are known for the Gionee’s device. However, we feel the phone like a concept device with a bad design. The metal antenna caps that are placed on the top and the bottom of the phone seem to have been stuck. Furthermore, when you see the metal cover that is designed around the camera, it also gives a feeling of tackiness.


While, Gionee dual curved display smartphone alongside dual cameras is something that will attract users. Additionally, it seems to become a good competitor to some of the giants in mobile phone sector. Phones from Samsung and Apple brands – to name a few – pack some latest and trending features including dual cameras etc. But there are other manufacturers like Huawei and Xiaomi, who have inverted these higher end features in their device. So it will be interesting to see if Gionee’s dual curved with dual cameras smartphone gets able to grab customers.

Though, all these information are in the rumored frame currently, so we will advise our readers to get it with a grain of salt. We will update you as and when a new information lands. Meanwhile, why don’t you tell us about your expectations on Gionee leaked images?


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