Glass casing for iPhones 2017 high-end models

Apple is all set to switch to more scratch resistant, stainless-steel edges with glass casing for iPhones 2017 limited high-end models. Read on to know what’s coming!

Glass Casing for iPhones 2017


The demand for the jet black iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has proven that everyone wants a super shiny, glossy smartphone and that’s why we are expecting a whopping rise in sales soon. 2017 iPhones need to be different from rest of its models and so would be the glass casings for iPhones. Expectations for Apple’s 2017 iPhone were shared on Thursday by a reliable analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities.

The pre-booked orders for the jet black iPhone 7 show 35 percent of the total sales, despite the fact that, it is a more expensive model and only limited to higher capacity, Kuo said. Jet black seems to be a bit more than a stepping stone to something a lot fancier. And glass casing for iPhones should follow suit.

Seeing the iPhone 7, we can say that Apple has transformed its design for the very first time based on capacity, limiting its jet black to 128GB  and 256GB models. Kuo believes that the company with a new stainless steel frame may walk further in that direction in 2017, making the design more glossy and scratch-resistant.

Kuo wrote

“As the all-glass casing is not possible at present given technological bottlenecks, a metal frame surrounding the edge is necessary for reinforced structure design. As stainless steel has a better look than aluminum and costs more, we expect only high-end new iPhone models to come with a stainless steel frame next year.”


If the predictions are turned true, the strategy would be similar to that of Apple Watch. The initial stage products featuring lazy-looking aluminum, while the mid-ranged products bluster a glossy, shiny and stainless steel finish with more endurance.

Kuo marked that glossy metal finishing found on the iPhone 7, are inclined to scratches. Talking about the company, Apple itself has cautioned its users that the jet black aluminum polished finish iPhone 7 are liable to scratches. On the other hand, glass is way more durable and scratch-resistant than the aluminium finish. They also offer a glossy finish to the product.

According to the KGI analyst, there would be glass casing for iPhones for the 2017 models in both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. Previously, his sources pointed out that the glass front, as well as back, would be restricted to just the plus model; But the jet black iPhone 7’s popularity might have compelled Apple to reconsider its policy.

It’s likely that the next iPhone will be entirely rebuilt with an OLED edge-to-edge display, camouflaging the home button, earpiece, FaceTime camera and Touch ID fingerprint sensor can be found underneath the phone’s screen.

The iPhone’s reconstructing of design might be for celebrating and memorialising the company’s 10th anniversary. And don’t forget to put in your comments regarding the glass casing for iPhones.

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