Gmail for Android Update Has Save to Drive Feature [Update]

Update: Gmail for iOS has now got the Insert and Save to Drive feature. There was a blog post from Google regarding this.

The Gmail for Android update has brought the ‘Save to Drive’ feature. The announcement has come about the update from Google for the Gmail app for Android.

Gmail for Android update

The update isn’t only about the save to Drive functionality. In fact, the Android OS features are tweaked in to bring some more functions that will give the users more options.

Save to Drive

The update to Gmail app has brought the ‘Save to Drive feature’, which will make it easier for the users to download any attachment directly to the cloud. Earlier, users were required to save either to desktop or Smartphone. What’s more, users will have the freedom of accessing the Drive from anywhere.

Right-to-left language support

The Gmail for Android update brings with it better support for the right-to-left (RTL) languages. The languages that will be supported are Arabic, Hebrew or Persian. So, users will be able to access the apps in any of these languages.

Spam explanation

The update also brings along with it the spam explanation. This means, there will be an explanation at the top of each and every spam mail. This will make it easier for the users fight spam mails in the future.

Gmail for Android update

Access to navigation menu

Another feature in the update is the faster access to the navigation menu at the side. Users can now swipe from the left edge of the device for accessing accounts

No update in India still

When writing this news piece, the Gmail for Android update hadn’t reached the Play Store in India. However, the features will be rolled in the next few days. That is why it will take time for the Indian users to see the updates.

The Gmail app for Android has crossed a whopping one billion download. It is tagged as the first such app to have got to that milestone. However, the number refers to the total installs or unique accounts and not necessarily the number of devices where the app has been downloaded.

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