Gmail to have a new avatar and features

The popular mailing service from Google – the Gmail to have a new avatar and features. Apart from the changes in the looks, Gmail will also have some new features as well. The most important change will be the cutting down of the disorder Gmail users experience generally.

Well, it’s really not disordered and it will be harsh to use that term. However, the new feature will allow the users to pre-sort the emails landing in their inboxes. There will also be appropriate categories as well. The good part of the update is that the update will work both on mobile apps and on desktops.

The updates include a tab system for the emails. The messages that come from friends, colleagues or from family members will be considered as important and will sit in the “Primary” tab. There will also be a “Social” tab where emails from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can be accessed.

Another tab that features is the “Promotions” tab. That is one generally related to the commercial offers. “Updates” is another new tab that can play host to receipts, confirmation emails as well as for various bills. Users are also allowed to configure Gmail manually. So, it becomes all the easier.

Now there, you might be curious to know when all you can experience the new changes. There isn’t any specific date released by Google to make these updates active. However, it is expected that the updates will go live in the coming weeks.

Gmail is one of the most preferred mailing services that hosts around 288 million users (as of October 2012).

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