Gmail gets an update for its mobile app

One of the prime email services – the Gmail gets an update for its mobile app.
The new update will show the Windows 8 like tiles scheme and will come in colors as well.
Another feature of the update will be that by default the preference will be “archive” and not “delete”.

The images of the contacts will match the tiles. In case there isn’t any picture, the app will make use of letters as well as coloring. However, it depends if the non-availability of the image of the sender will provide any sort of visual clue. But there are some downsides in the app but are still easy to address.

If you were not to delete the older messages in the inbox, the default function, henceforth will be the “archive” option instead of the “delete” one.

This means, if you do not delete your emails, they will sit in the archive folder instead of getting deleted after a certain period of time.

The manual deletion of the mails hasn’t come without confusion that was discussed on the forums as well.
But whatever the changes in the apps, it was natural that both sorts of reactions were bound to come by – the good and the bad.

However, the normally seen “Delete” button not to be seen on the top menu has come as a surprise to many.
One of the high sides of the update is that it has become easy to differentiate between the emails as well as that of the senders.

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