God of War Designed for PlayStation 4; No Pre-release Demos

God of War is undeniably one of the most appealing upcoming games. With the newest edition of PS4 coming, the game would be running same on the new PS4 Pro!

God of War


Sony has recently announced the PS4 Pro release in November 10. The craze for playing games on a PlayStation remains upgraded. Usually, the developers of the game indulge in advancing the game. For a better version, that’ll run on the newest edition of the platform. However, this is not the case with God of War. The game would be running the same as on the standard PS4.

The good news is that there are, visual enrichment for the PS4 Pro. Also, according to Cory Balrog, the Creative Director of Sony, stated at the event of E3 this year that God of War will run the same on the PS4, giving a sigh of relief to the PS4 owners. There is no compulsion of owing a PS4 Pro for the God of War.

“What we showed at E3 was running on a standard PS4. The game is designed for standard PS4, don’t need a [PS4] Pro to play,” tweeted Cory Balrog, Creative Director on God of War at Sony Computer Entertainment’s Santa Monica Studio in response to a fan’s question of what the game will be playable on”.

The biggest question arousing is of unavailability of the pre-release demo of the God of War. Balrog also stated regarding the issue, that he and his team are working hard on the final product. It seems that he and his team have already enough on their plate, and they cannot delay the release of the final game any further. He believes, the release of demos could delay the actual release of the game by one or two months.

The release date of God of War hasn’t been disclosed yet, by the team. It is expected to get launched in the next year. Lately, Sony hasn’t released any big products, it is expected that the God of War could fill in that gap.

Talking about Sony’s PS4 Pro, it will definitely give a great experience than the standard PlayStation 4. The gamers could get an exciting experience with  the latest PS4 edition. How do you think, the God of War would actually experience? Share in our comments section.


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